What’s in a Name? The Root of Elamipretide

According to the World Health Organization and United States Adopted Names Council (USAN), a generic, or nonproprietary, name should be simple, informative and unique, and based on pharmacological and/or chemical relationships.

In 2014, Stealth BioTherapeutics began the process of securing an internationally recognized generic name for MTP-131, our investigative product for the treatment of mitochondrial dysfunction with formulations previously known as Bendavia and Ocuvia.  The candidate names underwent thorough research, including trademark and linguistic screening to ensure they were appropriate for use.  The team submitted a request with several preferred name choices to the World Health Organization for an International Nonproprietary Name (INN).

In January 2016, elamipretide was added to the recommended INN list, and in April 2016, the USAN Council approved elamipretide as a United States adopted name. So what inspired the name? Here’s a breakdown:

  • ELA – no meaning
  • MI – mitochondrial
  • PR – protection
  • TIDE – stem of every peptide and glycopeptide

Readers will now see the elamipretide name on our website and on any announcements and materials regarding our lead investigational drug. We’re excited to announce the approval of the new name as we continue our mission to develop mitochondrial therapeutics for patients.